DIY Felt Pizza for the Play Kitchen

July 9, 2013

Image Credit | Anders Ruff Design

I am very close to finishing the play kitchen. Our 4th of July mini vacation has caused me to lose momentum. A craft for the play kitchen is just what I need to get me back in project mode.

My inspiration for a pretend pizza came to me this morning when I got ready to take the recycling out and came across an empty Digiornos pizza box. I thought, how fun would it be to prepare and pretend bake a pizza. I was going to wing it, but I found a perfect DIY tutorial and pattern on Anders Ruff Design blog. I love the detail that they have put into this project. The stitching gives it a little something extra and makes it look very neat and expertly put together.

Image Credit | Anders Ruff Design
As usual, I want to take what is a very simple project and take it to the next level which may be time consuming. I want the pizza to be in slices for pretend serving and pretend eating of course. I'll be making a trip to store for supplies to get this party party started.

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Play Kitchen Make-over

July 8, 2013

The Play Kitchen Makeover is moving right along and under budget thanks to the STL Habitat For Humanity Restore. I've done most of the work myself, but as usual my hubby pitched in too. There are a couple of things that I wanted to add and I needed his wood working skills, which really just consisted of him cutting a few pieces of wood. As usual he says I'm going overboard, doing too much, acting like our kids are going to prepare a real meal in this play kitchen. Well his exact words were, "If there was a more complicated way to do things, you'd choose it. In fact you excel at finding complicated way of doing things." Compliment accepted!

Here's my progress so far...

Safety First!

Hair protection, safety goggles, mask, Ready!


Removed all the hardware and gross contact paper


Lightly sanded all the surfaces to prepare for paint.


Applied two coats of paint.

Finishing Touches

All that is left to do is install hardware and
I decided to do a hand painted design to the cabinets.
There are a few other surprise additions to this project.

There's one more addition that I had to have. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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Visit to Habitat for Humanity ReStore

July 1, 2013

Kitchen Hutch only $125
Did you know that Habitat for Humanity has low price hardware stores all over the country? Customers can purchase new and used items for their home at a fraction of the cost at traditional hardware stores. It's an Eco-friendly way to salvage and reuse building materials from old homes. ReStore also accepts donations of new and reusable building materials and home remodeling supplies.

I recently visited our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  There were some great deals on a variety of home goods and the staff is super friendly!

This wicker is so ugly it's awesome!
Retro Baby Crib $15
This cabinet must've came out of a 70's style kitchen
Lots of old wooden ladders
Retro Metal Cabinets and countertop with sink. Perfect for a Retro kitchen Remodel.
Ornate Bathroom Cabinet $20
Lots of cheap paint. I purchased a never used quart of green paint for $2.

A Bathroom Cabinet in Great condition $75 
The ReStore is definitely on my list of places to visit often and find bargains.

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In the Works | Suitcase BoomBox Project

June 25, 2013

I picked up this little green train case at a yard sale for $2. I was going to resale it, but my husband seen it and suggested turning it into a suitcase boom box. Like this...

Image Credit | Mike Shouts
I Love it! There are so many cool and creative ways to repurpose train cases and suitcases into a boombox. So my husband and I will be working on this project together. I know exactly zero about sound. I'm more concerned about what it's going to look like and my husband's priority is quality sound. Luckily he was in audio/visual for a long time so he should be able to make this happen no problem.

While he figures out what equipment we need, I'll just keep gathering inspiration.

Image Credit | HiFi Luggage
Image Credit | MNN
Image Credit | The Boom Case

Check back for updates!  Thanks for reading!

A Weekend of Thrifty Finds | Train Case & More

June 24, 2013

I did a little yard sale and thrift shopping this weekend. While it was mostly a waste of time of gas, I did find a few things. Like this 60's train case for only $2. It is in fair condition. I already have a 40's era train case that I love so I thought about selling this one. That was until my husband suggested something else...but that's another post entirely.

If you like this train case, find it at these Etsy shops: 
Bountiful Goods, $65 for a set of two suitcases

I also found an 80's ceramic Care Bear bank for $1. One dollar is about 50 cents too much for this item, but it's so cute and my daughter loves it.

Find on just like it at these Etsy shops: 

And my last find was a set of play kitchen furniture.

As far as condition, both pieces are solid but aethetically they need a good sanding and paint job. I'm looking forward to this project. I've been wanting to repurpose a nightstand or tv stand into a play kitchen furniture. This is even better!

Stay tuned for updates on my soon to be repurposed train case and play kitchen furniture remodel.

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In the Works | Repurposing Old Wooden Ladders

June 15, 2013

Image Source | Dustjacket Attic
Above is what I want, below is the current condition of my old wooden ladders. The photo below are of two old wooden ladders that my husband found, probably in the alley. They are in great condition. I don't mind the paint splatters, it just give them character. They have been stored in our garage as you can see with lots of other junk.

There are many ways to repurpose old wooden ladders for use indoors or out. I'm gathering inspiration for this upcoming project.

A Very Clean Modern Shelf

Image Source

Vertical Bookshelf

Image Source | Dandelion Express

Shabby Chic Shelving Unit

Image Source

Outdoor Garden Decor

Image Source | Craftionary

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Inspiration | Wire Writing Large Scale

Image Source | Zsa Zsa Bellagio
We've all seen the cheesy necklace pendents with names written with wire. I want to try these on a much larger scale. I tried it a long time ago for my sons Vintage Cowboy nursery, but I used wired that was wrapped with fiber. It was very easy to work with. This time I'll use raw wire and see how it turns out.  stay tuned...

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Good Finds | Retro Orange Plastic Chair

June 4, 2013

Another alley find! This appears to be a mid-century era chair. I've found similar chairs that were made by Sam Avedon. There are no visible markings on the chair therefore I cannot be certain it's a true Avedon chair.

I found what appears to be the exact chair on Prosser Bros Vintage Etsy shop for $78.

Once I put some feet on this chair, it will be used as a desk chair for my son.

Image Source | Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy photographed Teresa Goldberg's Chicago home which featured a whole set of these lovely retro plastic chairs. I would like to have a full set, but each a different color. I'll definitely keep searching for good deals on more of these chairs.

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In the Works | Vintage Papasan Swivel Chair

I've been working on this 70's papasan chair that I found. The base needed some repairs and it needs a replacement cushion. My husband so graciously volunteered to do the repairs to the base.

He replaced the entire cross-section of the base. 

I just happened to have a couple of 24" square pillows in the closet. I was going to use the pillows in my bedroom, but I think they're better suited for this project. All that's left is to recover the pillows.

Design*Sponge has a great tutorial on sewing boxed cushions.

Image Credit | Design*Sponge
I'm so excited to get it done!

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