In The Works | Reupholstering a Mid-Century Modern Armchair

May 23, 2013

Yet another of my alley finds! What caught my eye was the square tufted back and the cane sides. I've seen other barrel shaped cane chairs, but I don't run across ones with clean lines very often. It needs some TLC, but I see potential. Luckily the wood, for the most part, is in good condition.  There's just a little damage in the front that looks like cat claw marks.  That's an easy fix, just a bit of sanding needed. The upholstery had to go immediately!  I would not bring into my house before fully stripping it.  To bad though, I really liked the mustardy golden upholstery.  If it were up to my husband, who I sent to retrieve the chair, it would've been left in the alley. He says I see too much potential in the old crap I thrift and/or pick up from the street. He'll be singing a different tune when this baby is done.

So far I've ripped off all the old upholstery.  There were so many staples!  But I did it and this is what I'm left with.

If you ever decide to deconstruct an old moldy chair, wear a mask!  Glad I had one handy.
There was a tag on the chair from the manufacturer.  It was made by Lewittes Furniture which used to be located in North Carolina.  Apparently they made a variety of these type chairs.  It's probably 50's or 60's.  Similar chairs in good condition retail for $200 or more.  I'm hoping to reupholster it myself for less than $75. The most expensive item to complete the chair are replacement cushions.  I'll just have to spend the next few weeks looking for a deal on cushions.

I will be finishing this project hopefully this summer.  I've gathered tutorials and found some inspiration.

From Addicted to Decorating

From Remodelaholic

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