Bamboo Mid-Century Footstool

May 5, 2013

My first spring project was this Bamboo Mid-Century Footstool. I found it at a yard sale for only $3. It appeared to be in ok condition, but surprisingly it was great condition. I was able to use the cushion with a little cleaning.

Condition of the stool at yard sale. Not too pretty!

If you've ever made a pillow, then recovering this stool is pretty self explanatory. It was an easy job. The most difficult part was making a perfect circle without  a pattern. If your circle is small enough, you can probably find a round object around the house to use, but I didn't have anything large enough for this project.

I tried a few different techniques, but the one that works best for me is what I'll call the the "1/4 Circle Method". I'll post a separate tutorial on how I do the "1/4 Circle Method".

I plan to pair the stool with a Mid-century Bamboo Papasan Chair that is a work in progress. I found the papasan chair a few months ago sitting in the alley. Yes, the alley! I'm not a dumpster diving hoarder or anything, but I do occasionally bring things home from the alley. You're probably thinking, yuck! But our alleys are very clean! In our neighborhood, there are alley's between each block. In in a very neat and orderly fashion, trash dumpsters, recycling bins, and yard waste receptacles line the alley.  Once a month we have free bulk pick-up day. That's a good time to make a few rounds in the alleys. There are people in this city who make a living doing this. Back to the papasan I found, the swivel base needed some repairs and it needs a new cushion. I am totally capable of fixing the base, but lucky for me my husband has taken on that part of the project. My job is to re-covering two new cushions and keeping him motivated to finish the job.

For now, the stool is just floating around the living room.  The kids love that the stool spins around. I'm constantly reminding them that it is not a toy.

Thanks for reading!

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