A Weekend of Thrifty Finds | Train Case & More

June 24, 2013

I did a little yard sale and thrift shopping this weekend. While it was mostly a waste of time of gas, I did find a few things. Like this 60's train case for only $2. It is in fair condition. I already have a 40's era train case that I love so I thought about selling this one. That was until my husband suggested something else...but that's another post entirely.

If you like this train case, find it at these Etsy shops: 
Bountiful Goods, $65 for a set of two suitcases

I also found an 80's ceramic Care Bear bank for $1. One dollar is about 50 cents too much for this item, but it's so cute and my daughter loves it.

Find on just like it at these Etsy shops: 

And my last find was a set of play kitchen furniture.

As far as condition, both pieces are solid but aethetically they need a good sanding and paint job. I'm looking forward to this project. I've been wanting to repurpose a nightstand or tv stand into a play kitchen furniture. This is even better!

Stay tuned for updates on my soon to be repurposed train case and play kitchen furniture remodel.

Thanks for reading!

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