Five Plants You Can Grow from Fruit Seeds

June 3, 2013

Growing plants from seeds can be a fun experience for kids. From the anticipation of seeing the first little sprout to tracking the growth of their plant. Growing a plant from seeds of everyday fruits that they have actually eaten will make the experience even more fun!

Try growing a plant using seeds from these Five Everyday Fruits

Lemon Seeds

Photo Source

Green Garden Blog has a great tutorial on growing a lemon tree from the seeds of a lemon.

Pineapple Top

Our Pineapple in March 2013 just starting to grow roots

Our Pineapple in May 2013

A pineapple can be tricky to start, but I followed Rick's Wood Shop Creations simple instructions on how to use a pineapple top to grow a pineapple plant and success!

Mango Seed

This a picture of our Mango Tree. It's very hardy and doesn't need a lot of care. We left the seed wrapped in a moist paper towel for much longer than suggested. As you can see, the tree started to grow before we planted it in the soil.
Try these instructions at Edible Tropical Plants to grow a mango tree from the seed.

Avocado Pit

Photo Source

We can't wait to try this one! Here are a couple of tutorials I will be using to grow my avacado tree. Hungry Mouse - How to grow an Avocado Tree from an Avocado Pit

Orange Seeds

Photo Source

Checkout this tutorial to learn How to growing an orange tree from orange seeds.

Happy Growing!

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