In the Works | Repurposing Old Wooden Ladders

June 15, 2013

Image Source | Dustjacket Attic
Above is what I want, below is the current condition of my old wooden ladders. The photo below are of two old wooden ladders that my husband found, probably in the alley. They are in great condition. I don't mind the paint splatters, it just give them character. They have been stored in our garage as you can see with lots of other junk.

There are many ways to repurpose old wooden ladders for use indoors or out. I'm gathering inspiration for this upcoming project.

A Very Clean Modern Shelf

Image Source

Vertical Bookshelf

Image Source | Dandelion Express

Shabby Chic Shelving Unit

Image Source

Outdoor Garden Decor

Image Source | Craftionary

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  1. Hi Latonya. I featured your DIY Planter on my blog (One Brown Crafter) today. Tried to write a formal letter indicating such, but contact form didn't work. Hope you like it and you're welcome to submit future tutorials. If it's not okay, let me know and I'll remove it. Love your blog!


    Tracy (

    1. Absolutely, you may feature any of my posts. Thank you for letting me know and and thanks so much for reading!