In the Works | Suitcase BoomBox Project

June 25, 2013

I picked up this little green train case at a yard sale for $2. I was going to resale it, but my husband seen it and suggested turning it into a suitcase boom box. Like this...

Image Credit | Mike Shouts
I Love it! There are so many cool and creative ways to repurpose train cases and suitcases into a boombox. So my husband and I will be working on this project together. I know exactly zero about sound. I'm more concerned about what it's going to look like and my husband's priority is quality sound. Luckily he was in audio/visual for a long time so he should be able to make this happen no problem.

While he figures out what equipment we need, I'll just keep gathering inspiration.

Image Credit | HiFi Luggage
Image Credit | MNN
Image Credit | The Boom Case

Check back for updates!  Thanks for reading!

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