Visit to Habitat for Humanity ReStore

July 1, 2013

Kitchen Hutch only $125
Did you know that Habitat for Humanity has low price hardware stores all over the country? Customers can purchase new and used items for their home at a fraction of the cost at traditional hardware stores. It's an Eco-friendly way to salvage and reuse building materials from old homes. ReStore also accepts donations of new and reusable building materials and home remodeling supplies.

I recently visited our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  There were some great deals on a variety of home goods and the staff is super friendly!

This wicker is so ugly it's awesome!
Retro Baby Crib $15
This cabinet must've came out of a 70's style kitchen
Lots of old wooden ladders
Retro Metal Cabinets and countertop with sink. Perfect for a Retro kitchen Remodel.
Ornate Bathroom Cabinet $20
Lots of cheap paint. I purchased a never used quart of green paint for $2.

A Bathroom Cabinet in Great condition $75 
The ReStore is definitely on my list of places to visit often and find bargains.

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